Antemasque – Watching And Waiting…

Antemasque unmasked

Antemasque unmasked

I think it was about a week ago i just so happened to be looking at something on my iPad and I heard that little tweet noise that indicates somebody had tweeted something. I’m not big into twitter, but I had a look and it said that Cedric Bixler Zavala had followed something called Antemasque. Now I love Cedric but I’ll be fucked if I can understand half the shit he comes out with on Twitter so I was kinda like okay, whatever. And then just as i was checking that out I got another notice that ORL Productions had done the same thing. Okay, my attention was now caught. I suspected something was up, something was going on and it was probably gonna be something good! I checked out this Antemasque thing and followed it too. It had about 30 followers by the time I got there but that number was going up fast. The photo was cool, and telling. Omar and Cedric behind a triangular logo, now I’m thinking ‘Fucking hell, could it be?’

Well long story short, yes it fucking could!! A clip quickly surfaced of this new entity in the studio, with Flea working out some bass lines for a track called 4am. I mean like holy fucking shit it was like ‘De-loused…’ all over again! It sounded good, Omar was thrashing out a tune, Cedric was giving it large in the background, Dave Elitch was on skins and like I said, Flea was carving out a bassline. No official news, no official announcement, just this clip.  It was all very mysterious. The web was buzzing, nobody really knew what the fuck was going on. New band? New TMV record? WTF?

Antemasque – In The Studio

‘4am’ was quickly released as a single that same day, and things started to become a little clearer. Firstly, holy fucking shit!! Secondly, great fucking tune! Omar and Cedric to the core but a bit different to what they’ve done before. So fucking good to hear them back together again. I mean seriously, these two fuckers were meant to be! Hearing new music from them justified how fucking choked I and everybody else was when The Mars Volta ‘split’ not too long ago. The press were catching on, writing about the formation of a new super-group. More teasers, that’s more teasers and not Maltesers, I love Maltesers, I haven’t had any since I got here, I don’t think they sell ’em in the U.S. Anyway yeah more teasers (I love those too) and more singles released. Two more over the next couple of days, ‘Hangin in the lurch’ and ‘People Forget’. I don’t know if it was just me, but each track seemed to be better than the last. I made a three track playlist and had it on loop for at least 3 days.

Antemasque – Creative stuffs

One thing that was made clear was when Flea tweeted the fact that this was Omar and Cedric’s band and that he’d just played on a few tunes with them. Okay so we get to the weekend, Cedric goes to Coachella and has a close encounter with Gerard Butler’s Axe lubed ass (see twitter for details) and things quieten down a little. We still don’t know if this is just a few tunes or something bigger? Fuck all happens yesterday but today we get a better idea of what’s going on. This is a new project with a full album coming in July. Fuck YESSS!! If you buy the three singles as a bundle on Omar’s site Nadie Sound, and you are one of the first 10.000 to do so, you get a code to download the new album two weeks before its release date on July 15, and you get the newest single, ‘Drown All Your Witches’ free. It’s something like that. Don’t quote me cos they told Rolling Stone, so go there to find out the details. The Nadie Sound site doesn’t go live until 12:01AM on the 16 April, that’s basically tomorrow morning as I write. Plus I think if you already bought them, you get the same code. I aint sure about that either but it’d seem fair to those of us who jumped all over them the second they were released.

Antemasque – People Forget

So that’s it. Completely out of the fucking blue Cedric and Omar are releasing new music. I mean fuck me, it’s like hearing your mum and dad got back together after they just started seeing other people! I know weird analogy but whatever, I’m well fucking pleased, and no I still can’t get into the Bosnian Rainbows no matter how much I try. Oh well.

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