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Jul 22

Die So Fluid – A Gang of Three

Die So Fluid - Wow, wow, wow, fucking wow!

The music business is a strange old game. In an era when the genre of rock music has fallen a bit flat, with no real stand out style or game changing bands arguably since the end of the nineties, it’s a wonder how so often bands with any talent can remain under the radar for …

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Jun 09

The Sounds of Tweet Music – Matt Stevens, Alek Darson and many more…

I’m pretty shit at twitter. Facebook too. I’m getting a little better lately though – coupla fairly major followers in Queens Of The Stone Age (score!) and Tesseract (scored again!) . So it aint all bad. And like I say things have been picking up lately. It’s odd because I don’t really know why? You …

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May 08

What the fuck happened to Country Music?

When Country went from this... to this!

  When I wake up in the morning, the TV in the bedroom goes on. My wife gets up early for work and naturally I get up too, make her lunch, send her off and climb back into bed for another hour (or two). And like i said, the TV goes on. For some reason …

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May 02

Sohn – Tremors

Sohn - Not that chick from The Wire

  I have an eclectic taste in music to say the least, and from time to time it takes me to places of sheer beauty. Places where maybe a few years ago I would never have found myself. SOHN’s ‘Tremors‘ is a perfect case in point. I could simply tell you to read what Pitchfork said about …

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May 02

Steel Panther – All You Can Eat!!

  Thank fuck for Steel Panther. Crass, rude, lewd, brash, and occasionally, downright offensive, these guys are a big fucking breath of fresh air right now. Their timing is perfect. Nothing but a cover band just years ago, earlier this year they put out ‘All You Can Eat’, their third full album in 5 years packed with …

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