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May 08

What the fuck happened to Country Music?

When Country went from this... to this!

  When I wake up in the morning, the TV in the bedroom goes on. My wife gets up early for work and naturally I get up too, make her lunch, send her off and climb back into bed for another hour (or two). And like i said, the TV goes on. For some reason …

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Oct 04

I Just Don’t Get The Bosnian Rainbows


 The other night I was listening to an old playlist I’d made a while ago, and amongst other music The Mars Volta track ‘Ouroboros’ burst into my eardrums like an explosion. It was a bit late and I was a bit high and it happens to be one of my favourite TMV tracks, but fuck me, right there and …

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Jan 01

Queensryche – Is There Anybody Listening Anymore?

Queensryche circa 2012 - Taking hold the flame?

I actually purchased my first ‘Ryche record by accident. I think I was about 16, just getting into rock music and liked what I heard from a band called Extreme. Everybody knows who they are right? If you don’t where were you when ‘More Than Words’ was at number one allover the world for what …

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Oct 07

How The Hell Did I Miss That??? RX Bandits, The Sound of Animals Fighting, Zechs Marquise

RX Bandits

Don’t you just love hunting down new music? I do. For me there’s nothing quite like unearthing a shiny new gem of glorious sound from the undergrowth. Something that catches your attention for one reason or another and really gets your juices flowing, a hook that stays in your head, playing over and over in …

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Sep 26

Lyrics To Live Your Life By


Band – The Sound Of Animals Fighting Track – Uzbekistan Album – The Ocean And The Sun They’re defecting us They’re extracting us The world owes me nothing, it’s given me a great deal Is this emptiness part of being human? They’re defecting us They’re extracting us Away from all the children we can feel …

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