Glorious Bath Sounds!

Kill It Kid - Looking a bit grumpy

Kill It Kid – Looking a bit grumpy

I’m not gonna fuck about with this post even though it’s been awhile since my last. I just wanna mention a couple of bands that have found their way onto my radar lately. I concede that I might be a bit late in latching on to the both of them, but anyway shit happens, and they found their way into my ears eventually.

Ok so first up, Kill It Kid. A bluesy, grungy four piece from Bath in the UK who apparently hang out with Jack White and sound a bit like The Dead Weather. Don’t let that sway you either way. I heard them on a Samsung TV advert and thought yeah, that sounds like a bit of me. And they are. It’s nice to hear a young British band doing something a little bit different to the norm in this country, but actually harking back to the glory days of the late sixties and early seventies where we took the music of black america, made it better and gave it back to them. With a sound steeped in deep south, Americana blues it’s probably no surprise that they’ve found more success in the States than over here to date, and fucking good luck to them.

Most bands struggle to find one decent vocalist, KIK have got two! And not only are they decent, they are pretty fucking amazing. Chris Turpin and Stephanie Ward both have voices you’d sell your soul to listen to and together they form a perfect marriage of blues and feeling that weaves it’s way through their music like twisters through Memphis. They’ve released a couple of albums to date, their self titled album in 2009 and the heavier ‘Feet Fall Heavy’ in 2011. As ever I’ve posted a vid below so check it out, if you are anything like me you’re gonna be blown away by it.

I get really excited when I find one new band that I’m clearly gonna love, but this week I found two! And so to the second band that have caught my attention in a big way lately, The Heavy.  I don’t actually know how I have managed to miss them all this time. Actually I hadn’t missed them per se, I had heard them allover the TV in adverts and trailers and stuff, but I never took it upon myself to find out who they were. I think i probably assumed they were some old band from back in the day who’d had a hit that everybody was using again to sell their stuff. And yes, sometimes I’m an idiot.  Anyway, after seeing their name banded about in the same breath as Kill It Kid I dug a little deeper and checked them out and had one of those, ‘Ohhh so that’s who that is!’ moments. ‘How You Like Me Now’, ‘Short Change Hero’, you’ve heard them even if you don’t realize it. This band are epic, they may even already be huge and I just don’t realize it, but I think just like Kill It Kid they are making bigger waves in the States than they are here in the UK and that really makes little sense considering they are another awesome British band, head and shoulders above anything else around lately. But  maybe it has something to do with their sound?  You really can’t categorize them, their style is so totally unique, meshing blues and funk and soul and rock, there are even moments of hip hop and mariachi, all blended seamlessly into one amazing sonic concoction. Suffice it to say it’s everything that’s good about music.

The Heavy - Rambling through a graveyard.

The Heavy – Rambling through a graveyard.

The songwriting is fantastic, from catchy, up-tempo funk to silky soul that could grace any classic Motown disc. Then they hit you with some driving rock that messes you all up only to rub you down with the languid lilt of the deep south, all in the same track! These are four blokes from Bath for fuck’s sake! (yeah Bath again, spooky!) Horns, heavy guitars, strings, weird things you never heard of, this band utilizes anything it can get its hands on and turns it into rich, aural, lushness that leaves you happy and smiling and gagging for another hit. Vocalist Kelvin Swaby has got the kind of voice grown men dream of owning and grown women throw their knickers at. You heard the saying about show-ers and growers? This band shows from the very first second they hit your ears and they keep spooning in the good stuff until you are face down, flat out in the gutter addicted. A very special band that deserves your very special attention. Check them out below, if you didn’t know them already you’ll be pleased you do now! And needless to say I will be streaming both bands on BSM radio over the coming evenings for all your listening pleasure!

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