Sohn – Tremors

Sohn - Not that chick from The Wire

Sohn – Not that chick from The Wire


I have an eclectic taste in music to say the least, and from time to time it takes me to places of sheer beauty. Places where maybe a few years ago I would never have found myself. SOHN’sTremors is a perfect case in point. I could simply tell you to read what Pitchfork said about this album and then think the opposite. Because that’s basically how I feel – the exact opposite, and I suspect there’s a chance that you might too.



By and large I tend to gravitate towards guitar based music, but I like anything that’s creative, original, unique, special. Described as electronica and/or post dub-step, SOHN falls very much into all of those categories that attract my attention yet aren’t guitar based. Some albums just have that X factor that take them to another level. Take Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’ as an example. They exude emotion from every note or half beat, a melancholy that runs through every chord, burrowing itself through your chest and into your soul where it connects with you in a way that 99% of the music you listen to is unable to. I like a lot of music, but those albums are few and far between.

‘Tremors’ by UK artist Sohn I feel is one of those albums. The first thing that struck me was the guy’s voice. I am a sucker for a sweet voice and this guy, Christopher Taylor has nectar for vocal chords. It’s one of those voices that personally, I cannot get enough of. The kind my ears just wanna keep on soaking up. He doesn’t push it, he doesn’t overwork it, he’s not trying to prove anything the way all these poxy, overrated R’n’B artists are constantly trying to do. He just sings and it’s beautiful. Simple and beautiful. Then there is the music. I am finding it difficult to describe. It’s synth heavy, yet somehow minimalist with stuttering beats and lyrical melody. I find it beautiful in it’s simplicity, yet progressive all the while. It’s the kind of stuff I could listen to forever, at any time, in any given situation. There is a common DNA in every track but each track stands on it’s own merits, with three or four real standouts such as ‘The Wheel‘, ‘Artifice‘, ‘Bloodflows‘, ‘Veto‘, ‘Lessons‘ and ‘Tremors‘. Ok, make that five or six standouts. Listen – if you don’t find yourself immersed deep in the soaring climax of ‘Lessons’ or singing along with the chorus of ‘The Wheel’ then you don’t like good music! Which apparently Pitchfork does not. I cannot for the life of me see where they were coming from when they listened to this record? But to each their own. I for one think that ‘Tremors’, is something very special and I’ve provided a couple of tracks so you can make up your own mind on the subject. Enjoy. I really think that you will!

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