Steel Panther – All You Can Eat!!

Still Feeling The Steel

Steel Panther – Still Feeling The Steel


Thank fuck for Steel Panther. Crass, rude, lewd, brash, and occasionally, downright offensive, these guys are a big fucking breath of fresh air right now. Their timing is perfect. Nothing but a cover band just years ago, earlier this year they put out ‘All You Can Eat’, their third full album in 5 years packed with everything you’d expect a Steel Panther record to be packed with. They are like a Spinal Tap of our generation. With track names like ‘Gloryhole’, ‘Bukkake Tears’, and ‘Gangbang At The Old Folks Home’, if you are not already familiar with them, you can get an idea of what they are all about. I said their timing was perfect, and to explain what I mean, at a time when you cannot fart in your crapper in the dead of night without upsetting somebody somewhere, the particular way they take the piss out of everything stereotypically hair metal is genius. Almost akin to the way FZ did it with society all those years ago. The irony is that all those hair metal bands from which they take their inspiration, are enjoying renewed interest because of it.

The thing is, Steel Panther are equal to anybody as far as musicianship is concerned. They don’t write shit songs with shocking titles. They write really fucking catchy songs with shocking titles. They are all shit hot on their instruments too, as good and better in many cases than most of those 80s bands, and I think the cleverest thing they do is to always include a couple of tracks with an essence of something you’ve heard before, but not so much that it sounds like a blatant rip off. With sold out tours around the world it’s clear that their particular brand of irreverence is a popular antidote to the crap that’s being produced by a lot of bands these days and as far as I am concerned I say long may they continue! Wanna feel some steel? Check’em out below!


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