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Blues Pills – Young, Gifted and Blues…

Up until very recently I’d never heard of Blues Pills. Now I can’t get enough of them. It was a casual mention of their name in a Crobot review in Metalhammer magazine that brought them to my attention, and fuck me, am I grateful! That’s because Blues Pills are the most exciting young blues/rock band I’ve …

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Hillary Howard – More Tweet Music – The Girl With The Blue Guitar

  The other day I was checking out some of the artists that have followed me lately on Twitter. Like I said in a previous post it’s really cool now because all of a sudden I have good music coming to me rather than me looking for it, which frankly makes life a whole lot …

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Of TesseracT – Altering the State of Progressive Metal

I came to the party a little bit late as far as TesseracT are concerned. And actually, I’m kinda pleased I did, because had I come across them after their first release I probably wouldn’t be raving about them the way I am about to. Their latest album, ‘Altered State’ is their second full length record and was …

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Motorpsycho – 20 years in hiding!

We all like the bands that we like for the reasons we like them, and unless the bands that we like are liked by everybody else too, we often wonder why they are not? Still with me? I mean if WE think they are the best thing since sliced bread, then why doesn’t everybody else? Ok, well …

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Glorious Bath Sounds!

I’m not gonna fuck about with this post even though it’s been awhile since my last. I just wanna mention a couple of bands that have found their way onto my radar lately. I concede that I might be a bit late in latching on to the both of them, but anyway shit happens, and …

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