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Blues Pills – Young, Gifted and Blues…

Up until very recently I’d never heard of Blues Pills. Now I can’t get enough of them. It was a casual mention of their name in a Crobot review in Metalhammer magazine that brought them to my attention, and fuck me, am I grateful! That’s because Blues Pills are the most exciting young blues/rock band I’ve …

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Die So Fluid – A Gang of Three

The music business is a strange old game. In an era when the genre of rock music has fallen a bit flat, with no real stand out style or game changing bands arguably since the end of the nineties, it’s a wonder how so often bands with any talent can remain under the radar for …

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Queensrÿche – ‘Queensrÿche’

A little while ago I wrote about the lamentable goings on within and around the Queensrÿche camp. You can read about the ins and outs of one of the biggest bust-ups in modern music history back in these pages, but with the dust settling a little bit, all parties move on under the moniker of ‘Queensryche‘ in …

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QOTSA – ‘…Like Clockwork’ – Album Review

When it comes to hyping up an album, the Queens Of The Stone Age are masterful. About a month ago, excited and enthused I wrote about the upcoming release of their latest effort ‘…Like Clockwork‘. I was hopeful after hearing all the teasers, that it would see a return to form for the band, who since …

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Soundgarden – King Animal – The Verdict!!

So it’s here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the album that those of us of a certain age have all waited 15 long years to hear – and the inspiration for this blog in the first place.So what is it like? Well firstly I wanna thank NME.com for streaming the whole album a …

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