What the fuck happened to Country Music?

When Country went from this... to this!

When Country went from this…


When I wake up in the morning, the TV in the bedroom goes on. My wife gets up early for work and naturally I get up too, make her lunch, send her off and climb back into bed for another hour (or two). And like i said, the TV goes on. For some reason the default setting for the DVR when it starts up is the CMT channel. I need to change that. It’s like some kind of punishment. For those who don’t know what that is, CMT stands for Country Music Television.


...To this!

…To this!


Dear Lord!! I had no idea of what country music had become. The other day there was some chisel chinned wannabe cowboy sitting on the back of a pick-up singing about watching the fucking planes land at his local airport. WTF? He really felt motivated to write about that? This morning there was some other mug, although it could easily have been the same talentless Joe from before with his perfectly trimmed 3 day stubble and made to measure Cowboy hat. His voice had been so manipulated by auto tune he sounded like C3PO on meltdown. I was shocked. Well not shocked cos I couldn’t give a fuck, but you know what I mean – it came as a surprise. I mean, I’ve never particularly liked country music, except for The Eagles cos everybody loves the Eagles, but back in the day there was always some kind of musical integrity about it. Stars like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash were fucking huge because they were original, authentic. Their music was organic, and unique to each of them. It was their story. Fucking auto tune, really? Can you imagine Johnny Cash ever getting near one of those things? It could be argued that he needed it but that’s beside the point. The point is when did Country music ally itself to the likes of Bieber and One poxy Direction? Honestly, this one particular track had more auto tune in it than Miley’s entire body of work! I was extremely surprised to hear it. I really thought country had more about it than that and was still a legitimate genre of music, but apparently it hasn’t and it isn’t (save for the few artists that get overlooked for this crap) and as such goes down in my book as being something I’m even less likely to listen to than fucking hip hop. Believe me, that really is saying something!

Btw, I’ve not posted any videos this time cos they truly suck.

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